China's Anti-Aging Revolution

One of the most ancient medical systems on Earth is embracing the most modern and advanced, as China rushes to adopt the anti-aging medical paradigm. The dramatic thrust is being driven by the Chicago-based American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and culminated just weeks ago in a huge medical show, as Shanghai hosted over 20,000 physicians and medical industry specialists at the World Anti-Aging Congress and China Pharma Exposition.

According to Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the A4M, who gave the keynote speech to the gathered medical pioneers, Chinese investors expect in next five years to build over 10,000 anti-aging hospitals, elite medical spas, Olympic-level sports medicine facilities, and anti-aging out-patient health check clinics.

It's a new era for Chinese medicine, further exemplified by the recent decision of China's government and military authorities to translate into Chinese over 30 different anti-aging medical books authored or co-authored by Dr. Goldman and his colleague, Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the A4M.

The globe-trotting Dr. Goldman is the world's foremost ambassador for the anti-aging revolution.

Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the A4M, addressing the audience at the China Health Forum. Dong Guan, Nov 1st, 2007 Dr Goldman with Publisher Steven Forbes at the 2007 Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore

Hard on the heels of the Shanghai event, he was soon in Dong Guan addressing over 20,000 members of the public and representative heads of over 1,500 hospitals and medical centers. They were among physicians, scientists and hospital principals meeting to advance anti-aging medicine at the China Health Forum sponsored by the China Medical Association. Both these events had the official backing of the Chinese government, the China Pharmaceutical Association, the China Medical Association, and many other national level Chinese medical organizations.

The A4M and the Goldman/Klatz co-founded Medical Conferences International Inc.( MCII ), now have a long-term agreement with the Chinese government and the China FDA to annually co-venture the huge China Pharma conference. London-based Tarsus Group PLC last year took an 80% stake in MCII. The A4M, Tarsus and MCII have close to 30 international co-sponsored events set for 2008, making this the fastest international growth seen by any medical group in history.

Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the A4M, triggers the ticker-tape with government officials at the opening of the World Anti-Aging Congress and China Pharma Exposition Shanghai, Oct 29th, 2007 Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the A4M, with Chinese officials at the World Anti-Aging Congress and China Pharma Exposition.Shanghai, Oct 29th, 2007
Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the A4M, is welcomed by government officials at the China Health Forum. Dong Guan, Nov 1st, 2007  
Official National Gift presentation in China Presentation to China Medical Association Main Session


The A4M already oversees the ongoing training of over 60,000 physicians and surgeons on-site, and the education of 500,000 health professionals globally through international outreach programs. Business Communications Co., Inc. says that the anti-aging marketplace is growing yearly by 9.5% and will top $70 billion annually by 2009.

Earlier this year Tarsus, Goldman and Klatz formed a new global anti-aging investment company, CapRegen PLC. The CapRegen IPO raised US$7.4 million, before expenses, to a total share capital of US$11 million, as smart money drove the IPO issue shares up by 27% on the first day of trading.

China: The New Anti-Aging Frontier

But China's over one billion consumers could well further accelerate this growth and become the new global powerhouse of anti-aging medicine. The A4M principals, Drs. Goldman and Klatz have been tirelessly advocating since 1992 for a fundamental change in medicine's orientation towards disease. They have been harshly critical of an entrenched western gerentological medical mindset, which tends to see disease in old age as more inevitable than preventible.

However, these largely western social and cultural attitudes are not entrenched in China. This explains the phenomonal surge of Chinese interest in the anti-aging approach which the A4M is engendering.

Addressing the recent Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore, Dr Goldman briefed the world's top business leaders about how emerging biomedical technologies such as stem cell therapy, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, gene therapy and even the development of bioidentical replacement organs, mean we now stand on the brink of a golden age of greatly extended human longevity.

His collegue Dr. Klatz, who coined the very term "anti-aging," last year told Business Week that one day it will be considered malpractice for a physician not to do what anti-aging physicians are already doing today.

For over a decade, the A4M have held Board Certification exams and training programs for the medical speciality of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, as well as Fellowship training. Over 2,500 medical specialists are in various phases of the Certiification process. In addition the Academy is also accrediting anti-aging medical centers, hospital and medical spas through the newly established World Council on Clinical Accreditation.


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